Monday, 24 February 2014

Modern Spearhead - T-72 M1 Soviet Armour

The latest from my painting desk: T- 72 Tanks.

In fact 2 x Battalions worth of T-72 M1 tanks with reactive armour:

These are for my Soviet army for the Modern Spearhead rule-set. That's the plan anyway.  I have never actually played Modern Spearhead yet, but I have read some mightily impressive blog reports (including the posts by the very talented Aaron alias Prufrock at 'Here's no great matter' blog) which makes me think that the rules will give me all I am looking for in a large divisional sized action, with associated rules for helicopters, aircraft, and such nasties like CBRN weaponry (and even tactical nukes....hmmm might leave those in storage!).

To get a better picture of the Cold War in the mid-1980's, I'm also reading 'Air Battle Central Europe' By Alfred Price. A very interesting (if really scary) section is from the interview with the head of NATO's 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force, where he states that a war between East and West breaking out commencing with conventional weapons would have to turn nuclear within 3 to 4 weeks, primarily because all stocks of expensive bombs and conventional missiles having been expended!

I'm now working on several battalions for the British Army of the Rhine so hopefully I can play test soon. Assembled already (I just couldn't wait!) is a Panavia Tornado and a SU-25 FROGFOOT.

I couldn't resist doing another 'scale-shot'. This time with a Vallejo paint bottle to demonstrate how 1/285 looks again.  I should be able to get loads of armour in this scale on the board without it looking like a Napoleonic battle with tanks!

I think next months major purchase will be 1/285 scale buildings and roads. These will be in resin though so I shall skip the nice but expensive GHQ buildings. Having said that it's the 'Overlord' Wargaming show at Abingdon next Sunday so goodness knows what I'll come back with!


  1. Amazing details on these - and the bottle next to them for scale all the more so. The basing is also superbly done. Dean

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Dean. Hopefully I can keep the standard up!