Tuesday 8 November 2016

AWI - British Brigade Commander

 Slowly but surely my American War of Independence armies increase in size.  As so often, I find that
 I paint units (eventually!), but the commanders get neglected in my desire to get units on the table

I am really pleased to get a commander ready to take his place on the field.  This time we see a British brigade commander and one of his staff observing and giving orders to the men in the field.

The figures are from the superb Perry Miniatures range and painted with combination of paints, mostly Foundry, but also with Vallejo, some Games Workshop and some Miniature Paints.

I love the pose of his officer, leaning in his saddle as he stares at something distant that has caught his attention. One can only guess at the forthcoming drama that has caught his gaze.

The basing material is from Mini Natur with my usual selection of twigs and cat litter rocks to break up the green.

More AWI goodness to follow in due course!