Wednesday 22 May 2024

28mm - Spartan Hoplites - Victrix


Staying with the Greek theme from last time's post, I have further added to my small collection of Spartans.

I painted up some Spartan Hoplites last year, but I wanted to complete the fine box of Victrix figures. 

I always tend to put more detail in than I need to. Again, I scraped off any trace of footwear from the figures before I started painting as the Spartan's were noted for their contempt of those who felt the need to wear shoes.  

I was going to paint them with a suitably stoic bland undecorated linen armour, however, I could imagine that the Spartans would be happy to show off their equipment captures from the Athenians.  Also all soldiers like to show off a little bit of individuality and colour when they can.

The Victrix figures always go together well, but it does take me a long time to de-flash and prepare the figures for painting. With something like 8 x pieces per figure to assemble it means a box of 40 plus figures is going to be around 400 pieces.  That's like assembling a large complicated model aircraft kit, the ones with engines and spark plugs etc.  There were times that I pined for lead figures when I made these!

I do like the detail though and there is a nice variety of poses.  I only managed to break three spears up to the final assembly.  I notice that the thing with wearing bi-focal glasses now is that arms length (the general 'picking up the figures' distance), now means that the longer distance lenses are now too long and the shorter distance is now too short. Figures at arms length are thus at risk at being clumsily handled when attempting to pick them up as I misjudge the distance...a short crack sound follows and another spear breaks in half.   Superglue does its thing though.

The shield transfers are by Little Big Man Studios. Following their advice on putting their transfers on curved shields, I found that they went on trouble free.  As usual I painted over the design to blend them in a bit and to show highlights etc. 

I couldn't resist seeing the 27 figures I had just painted alongside the Hoplites I painted last time.  They do make a fine looking phalanx I have to say.

Now on to the next project. I went to Partizan at the weekend  at Newark and came away with some new shiny goodness. Fast forward two and a half millennia...!