Thursday 31 March 2016

American War of Independence - Another Brigade Commander Ready

Another Continental Brigade Commander now based on a decent stand with two new colleagues.  I think MDF bases are wonderful. Nice and flat and not bendy like plastic.  Prior to the re-basing this senior officer was on a single stand which did the warpey plastic thing.  Now as a vignette with two freshly painted Perry Miniatures the whole stand comes to life.

I normally try to base mounted officers with other mounted officers, however, I was pleased with my Suetonius Paulinus Imperial Roman set where the commander has dismounted officers (and a prisoner) around him.  Because I was pleased with that I decided to add two Continentals on foot to go with the Brigade Commander.  Clearly an urgent discussion on the dispositions of the British is in progress!

Paints are my usual combination of Foundry and Vallejo with no doubt some Games Workshop colours used in places too.

Tuesday 22 March 2016

American Revolutionary War - American Brigade Commander

Here we have one of my latest additions.  An American Brigade Command stand containing two officers.

The figures are both from Perry Miniatures.  I must confess to having painted the General on the white horse some years ago (probably around 2008) , but he was on an individual stand, as were all my brigade commanders.  These days I do prefer a small group or vignette where senior commanders are concerned.  It just adds that little extra to the field.

The Perry's American War of Independence range is superb but I just wish they made more mounted officers for both sides.  The mounted officer who is being hurried on his way by the General is from the Mounted Militia Command pack which I purchased with the aim of carrying out some suitable limited conversions to create more mounted commanders.  I made the epaulettes for the militiaman out of 'Green Stuff'from Games Workshop.

A close up of the General.

 Here we have a frontal view of the converted mounted militiaman.  Now a senior officer of one of the Virginia Continental Regiments - no doubt being hastened with new orders for his regiment!

Whilst creating this stand I took the opportunity to complete two more command stands. More photos to follow of those in due course!