Saturday 6 September 2014

Six Foot Scale Skirmishing

Just a post of the 'out of the ordinary' nature to prove I am still alive and well! It feels I like ages since I last posted anything.  This is a quick and easy post a I have just taken some photos of my creation for use at the ranges tomorrow.

I will be using my Brown Bess musket and as a result I thought I would take something a little more interesting than the modern black circle or modern 'Figure 11' running soldier (based on an East German 70's era I am led to believe).  So I created this!  A little trip to B&Q this morning followed by large applications of black paint with a big brush - and lo! We have a 1:1 scale Voltigeur ready to dodge my skirmish fire from my Bess.   It just seems a shame to shoot the fellow after the brushwork (the first figure I have completed for weeks!).

Here we have the military target - quite wrong to use the Bess on this chap I think!

I have entitled the post 6ft scale skirmishing - but of course, that's measured to the eyes....6 feet 8 should surely be the new scale to use...following wargaming fashion of course!