Tuesday 7 October 2014

Derby World Wargames 5th Oct 2014

With the absence of the Colours show from Newbury this year, Ian came up with the great idea of going to Derby to the World Wargames show.

I could see the connection.  At Newbury you can just about see Donningon Castle in the distance, famously besieged during the English Civil War and at Derby you can see Castle Donington.  It all made perfect sense to me!  More importantly it allowed one more big spending session before the winter and the next show in the diary in March 2015 (coursework permitting).

The show was held in the spacious Exhibition Centre and after a fabulously easy 2 hour drive assisted by my behaving sat-nav (misbehaved on the way home but came back on for the last 3 miles!).

I'm sure there is a good reason why it is called the World Wargames show.  I once attended the World Hunter Field Target Air Rifle Championships and I think there was a Polish fellow or two to break up the dominating attendance of the locals.  I didn't hear any overseas accents at the event in Derby, however, the gamers were clearly all enjoying themselves on the large number of tables being played over and it is likely they were otherwise engrossed.

Now I know from the past that pictures of shopping hauls don't get much in the way of comments from my fellow bloggers.  I am aware though that my posting has declined of late due to other commitments and I also want a record of my day out, and purchases (so I don't spend so much next time!)

So here comes the photos...!

Here we have the purchases all laid out together.  A complete mix of thousands of years of history. I used to have a lead mountain.  These days I have nice tidy towers of Plastic Victrix and Perry Figures boxes!

Now this was a fabulous purchase.  I was just leaving the show when I saw this collection of RAF history. It was not on my list of things to get but I couldn't leave without it as I knew I would regret not buying them.  They look superb in my bookcase and yes they will get read, and no doubt used as research material too.  For £15 I was very happy indeed.

Now to spoil the studious nature that you will have formed of me by now!  I couldn't resist making a fun purchase too from this rather amusing range.  I imagine that a touch of paint will bring it to life quite nicely.  It has already raised eyebrows so I will have to be careful where I display this fine lady.  I had better find a good hiding place in case the vicar ever comes over for tea!

Normal painting photos will resume shortly!

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  1. Looks like a varied hall. I think the good priest could handle some pewter boobs on display, LOL!