Saturday, 6 September 2014

Six Foot Scale Skirmishing

Just a post of the 'out of the ordinary' nature to prove I am still alive and well! It feels I like ages since I last posted anything.  This is a quick and easy post a I have just taken some photos of my creation for use at the ranges tomorrow.

I will be using my Brown Bess musket and as a result I thought I would take something a little more interesting than the modern black circle or modern 'Figure 11' running soldier (based on an East German 70's era I am led to believe).  So I created this!  A little trip to B&Q this morning followed by large applications of black paint with a big brush - and lo! We have a 1:1 scale Voltigeur ready to dodge my skirmish fire from my Bess.   It just seems a shame to shoot the fellow after the brushwork (the first figure I have completed for weeks!).

Here we have the military target - quite wrong to use the Bess on this chap I think!

I have entitled the post 6ft scale skirmishing - but of course, that's measured to the eyes....6 feet 8 should surely be the new scale to use...following wargaming fashion of course!


  1. Just watch out for the kick from that musket, eh?

  2. Hi Peter, sorry for the slow reply for some reason I don't always get the automatic email telling me I had a reply. Yes, the Bess certainly let's one know when it lets go! Tremendous fun though.