Thursday, 7 March 2013

Latest Show Haul - 'Overlord' Abingdon

Two posts in a week from me...outrageous! This time it's just a chance to follow the lead (or 'lead'as in metal -  it's all in the pronunciation!) of others in showing the goodies they bought from a show. It's always interesting to see what other gamers have bought - and it's also a good indication to me as to whether I'm totally bonkers spending as much at shows as I sometimes do!

The Abingdon Club has been running for 20 years this year and the show for about as long.  It's funny but I think I went to their first show and it still seems like a 'new' show to me unlike Salute or Colours.  Interestingly the club member taking the money on the front desk last Sunday asked everyone how they first heard of the show.  My whispered sharply answer of 'The voices in my head' seemed to amuse him immensely and then I confessed to having been there since their first show, so the real answer seemed considerably more bland.

I have never joined a club, being content to have a regular opponent, and also to solo play as well as to entertain the occasional interested friends.  I think I was always put off joining a club from the day I attended a wargames centre out in the east of England (gone now I think), where the players were the most argumentative, set of unfortunates I have ever had the misfortune to meet. The game organiser stayed well out of it and just brought in cake and tea. His role as umpire thrown to the wind as he left the players to argue. The good thing about this whole blog thing is that I know now that there are darned fine bunch of wargamers out there and that I was cursed on that day by being in the presence of bad sorts (except the two guys I went there with - and one chap on the opposition - who seemed as perplexed as me I should add!).

Anyway, my purchases.   'The Last Valley' caught my eye again as they did at the last show I was at.  These days I am getting more gaming in than I have in the last 10 years combined.  Scenery has become so much more important to me. Thus these impulse buys came back with me.  A lovely pieced of Marshland and some fabulous stone walls and walled fields.

I also purchased these ruined Greek columns. I nearly bought some of these at 'Colours' at Newbury last year and regretted not doing so.  They just shout out Ancient Greece and will set the scene immediately it is on the table. I have a tiny force of Greeks which I will add to soon.

I should say that almost everything I bought was not on my list! I gave into Wargamer's impulse.  I was going to get some Vallejo paints but couldn't find anyone selling any there.  I bought some of the excellent Miniature Paints from the Redoubt stand.  I will get paints from any source I can now other than Games Workshop.  That whole 'Space Marine' copyright saga turned me right off them. I never have liked bullies.

The Bring and Buy was interesting with a good variety of goodies.  I only bought one thing from there and that was the book 'Berlin' by Anthony Beevor.  I already own 'Stalingrad' by the same author and it really is so well written. For £1 I didn't feel I could go wrong with buying 'Berlin'! :-)

...And finally...are those Dark Age figures in the top pic?..Yes they are.  It happened!.  This is my first delve into another period for nearly a year.  I visited the Conquest Miniature stand and picked up their lovely Norman Infantry figures.  I built 27 of them in two sessions and have already undercoated them...all this whilst Prince Rupert's foot are patiently waiting for me to complete their officers and re-base them!  I have small Norman and Saxon armies which I started (scarily) about 18 years ago and based singly. I played a game of Warhammer with them once I think but since then they have been left forlornly in their boxes.  Now I feel is the time to get them out. I know they will play great with 'Hail Caesar' so I will set about re-basing my existing Old Glory and Gripping Beast chaps and build up my forces to create my 'playable armies'. I'm happy to go buy units from lots of history periods as long as I can get playable armies for each. Nearly forgot - I bought Saxon Thegns from Wargames Factory but I have yet to assemble them.

Well, that's all for now. I'm up in 5 hours to shoot at Bisley all day. Pity the weather is forecast to be the wettest days of the week.  Still I love days off :-)


  1. 'Berlin' is a cracking book, and well worth a quid of anyone's money. Love the Last Valley scenery too - we use quite a bit of it at our club.

    1. Hi Matt, I'm really looking forward to starting 'Berlin'. Stalingrad was a superb read. My Last Valley scenery got a good amount of use this evening during the Battle of Hopton Heath. If my table was another 3 feet deeper I could have used my new marshland piece too! Best wishes,

  2. Speaking as an Ancient Greek I am puzzled by the ruined columns' ability to 'shout out Ancient Greece'. I am fairly sure that at the appropriate time the columns weren't actually ruined, having only just been built and the buildings that they held up still being very much in use.

    Sorry to be pedantic, but it's the philosopher in me.

    1. Epictetus, Thank you for your reply. As you are an Ancient Greek, I must congratulate you on your survival of the earthquakes (the 464BC Spartan one in particular was surely memorable, and the Persian invasions - both of which had a record of knocking down temples. In due course I may yet buy a detached temple, relatively new and with good mountain top views for my table, but I may have to wait until my endowment mortgages give me sufficient which case I may yet become an Ancient Anglo-Saxon whilst I wait! :-)