Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Going for it! ECW Infantry

Another post from me so soon? Well yes, this time with re-based English Civil War Infantry.  Again, I have gone for larger bases for what were figures based in 3's or as single figures.  Getting them out of the boxes now is a pleasure rather than something to dread.

First up are the Earl of Manchester's Regiment...or at least one of the musket block.  I am using 'Pike and Shotte' as my guide for my basing now...and I don't care what rules I might move to in the future...this is it... I will keep this base sizing!  Pike and Shotte actually go for a two deep musket block, but for me two deep is something I keep for Wellington's men or Seven Years War linear formations.  ECW musket blocks had depth, rarely less than 6 deep, often 8 deep at least at the start of the Civil War. So for me, 3 deep is the way it is going to be.

The figures are a mix of Bicorne and Renegade. Both had the same sculptor and both companies produce beautiful ECW figures.  I like the Bicorne ones in particular, they seem to have virtually no flash to trim too.
I was unsure whether to base them on one large base as per the pikemen, but if I wanted to represent hedgehogs then I needed to be able to separate the figures.  In the end I went for one row of 4 and two stands of 4 square. If i wanted to represent severely understrength units I could always have the option of removing the row of 4...or add them to another unit to go 4 deep!

A close up of some of the detail.  I do love these figures. On many figures there are rips and tears in the clothing, patches too...plenty of detail to please the painter.

Now the next batch of figures were actually painted by my fellow gamer, Ian.  I purchased these from him as I couldn't bear to see them go to the Bring and Buy at a show.  These are painted as the Red Regiment of the London Trained Bands. It's very rare that I buy second hand figures without re-painting them.  I decided these were good enough for me without getting the brushes out.  I have re-based them though as I did for the Earl of Manchester's.

The pike block are all on one base.  This is going to make moving them during a game an absolute pleasure and should be trouble free, nothing worse than a single pikeman falling over as you try to move them and then of course you get stabbed to bits trying to retrieve the fallen fellow!  Putting the basing material and painting over it was a bit tricky but not impossible. I really needed the figures in place so I could go between feet etc.

Finally a view of my standard unit sizes.  One musket block of Manchester's is standing in for an incomplete Red Regiment musket block wing.  It seems 40 figs is going to be my standard unit....well it seems to have a good solid feel about it...though it's going to take me a little while before I have enough troops to get to play Marston Moor!


  1. The colors on these are really nice and well done on the photography

  2. Thanks for your nice comments Anne. :-)